on Visual Arts for Mental Health and the Environment

About the Project

We will hold a visual arts radio program that aims to promote the mental health and well-being of MAPEH students and teachers in this time of health crisis. This project came out as a segue to the 2020 community radio drama project on disaster preparedness with funding support from the East-West Center in Hawaii, USA... Learn more

Our Theory of Change

IF we develop and disseminate a community school on the air on visual arts for mental health and environmental protection, THEN secondary MAPEH students and teachers in remote and poor barangays will have access to the information on how to combat mental health problems and protect the environment through their drawings, THEN there will be a change of knowledge of the individual teacher, student, classmates and siblings of students, household, school and community levels regarding possible solutions to problems on mental health and environmental management, THEN there will be an improvement of teachers’ & students’ mental health, well-being and environmental management practices/initiatives at the school and community levels.